Our History

In January 1978, Reverend Louis Jones Jr. was inspired by God to organize a Church. Prior to that time, Reverend Jones had been a member of Emmanuel Baptist Church of San Jose, CA. for twelve years. During the latter years of his membership with the Church, he served in the capacity of Associate Minster to the Pastor.

On February 8, 1978, Reverend Jones called a meeting in his home on Kohler Avenue to organize a Church. A group of Christians interested in joining the fellowship of the new Church attended the meeting. The business transacted in the first meeting included the selection of a Church name. The group discussed Church names, and during the discussion Reverend Jones told the group that the name True Vine Baptist Church was revealed to him in a dream. Sister Catherine Jones suggested that all names be written on a slip of paper and placed in a hat. Mother Borden was asked to select at random, a name from the hat. The name drawn from the hat was “True Vine Baptist Church.”

There were twenty-eight people who attended the organizational meeting on February 8th and 15th. These individuals are considered the charter members of True Vine Baptist Church, and are as follows:

February 19, 1978- 99 South 23rd Street

February 19, 1978- 99 South 23rd Street


The first worship service was held February 19, 1978 at 99 South 23rd Street, San Jose, CA. The congregation quickly realized the seating capacity of 100 inadequate.

May 21, 1978 - 102 South 21st Street

May 21, 1978 – 102 South 21st Street

At four months of age, again the Lord blessed and allowed the True Vine Family to move to a larger building located at 102 South 21st Street.

Under the leadership of Pastor Jones through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Church continued to grow.

The Lord has showered the family of True Vine with many blessings which include the following:

June 1986 – Land Purchased, 505 South White Rd

September 1990 – 102 South 21st Street, Church Sold

September 1990 – 505 S. White Rd, Land Paid–In-Full

June 1993 – Ground Breaking, 505 S. White Rd

July 1993 – 505 S. White Rd, Building Permit Obtained

August 1993 – 505 S. White Rd, Building Project Begins

August 1993 - Church Building Project Begins

August 1993 – Church Building Project Begins

November 1993 – Bibles laid on New Church Foundation

March 1994 – Scripture Writing on New Church Wall Frames

December 1994 – First Service in New Church

December 1994 - First Service

December 1994 – First Service

Reverend Jones preached his first sermon in the new building the 3rd Sunday in May 1978. The first member to join the congregation by Christian experience was Savannah Barton. The first member to join by baptism was Belinda Reed. The first baby christened was Carol Jean Pierre. Roy Lee Reed was the first baby born in the congregation.

In April 1982, trials and tribulations stuck the family and due to faulty wiring in the basement, the Church caught fire. The fire scattered the congregation.

However, through it all, the family was blessed to have Christian friends who opened their doors and allowed the True Vine Church Family to worship in their Church facility. We will be forever grateful and appreciative to A.M.E. Zion, Grace Baptist Church, St. Paul Baptist Church and Antioch Baptist Church for opening their doors and their hearts to us.

In spite of the scattered flock, God blessed the church with additional members and the family continued to grow spiritually. The True Vine Family moved back into a beautifully renovated Church home on November 21, 1982.