Church Mass Choir

039We are the main choir for the church and we are the choir that accepts engagements and follows the pastor. We sing every Sunday except for the 5th Sunday and for any engagements accepted by the pastor/ church.

Our members are from the age of 14 and up. Rehearsal are held at 7:30pm on Thursday except for the Thursday coming up to the 5th Sunday.

Our choir goals are to:
1) Stay strong and obedient in the word
2) Stay strong in our music ministry
3) To pray and put God first in all decisions for the growth of our choir.
4) To love our brother and sisters and work together In harmony

We have a very talented director, Ruth Smith, and very talented leader of our musicians and talented organist/keyboards Paul Smith.

OUR MOTTO: If you can talk, you can sing!

Barbara Gonzales -President
Erica Glen- Secretary
Bobbie White-Chaplain
Deborah Dorton-V. President
Jennifer Young-Treasurer
Doris Prlngle·Sergeant of Arms